Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy B-day Girlie!

Today was Girlie 1's FOURTH b-day. It was a great day for my big girl!
  1. A happy b-day wake up! She could hardly stop grinning when we told her, after months of anxious waiting, that today WAS her b-day. And she was finally FOUR!
  2. Breakfast w/ Grandpa.
  3. Trip to the amusement park where she rode the Ferris Wheel, Tilt a Whirl and other big rides. She is so brave! I think I was more nervous than she was.
  4. Back home for her PRINCESS b-day, with cake and her new favorite dinner - SHRIMP - she suddenly decided that she loves it. Big step for someone who's normal favorite is mac n cheese and pb&j.
  5. Stick ball, scooter and other sporty fun gifts.
It was a long and lovely day. She's bathed, and sleeping - happily exhausted.

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