Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Christian TV !!

So we've indulged and have Direct Tv now. Hubby is so excited. He gets that Sunday NFL ticket. And the biggest bonus of all is we have all the christian channels - yahoo!!

Tuesday night we settled in and watch the Joel Osteen broadcast. Wow did that entire service speak to us. It was awesome.

As we watched the broadcast, we were encouraged and uplifted. It was as God was talking to us through him in a very direct way. As he preached, I felt a restoration occurring. Then I thought one thing : we have to share this.

Afterwards as hubby and I were talking we realized we were thinking the same thing. And we felt like we were coming out of a fog. Like someone had kicked us in the pants and said what are you doing? Are you really giving up? Are you running away from your problems? Aren't you a conquerer? Isn't your God greater than your problems? Have you doubted that God will do the work? Are you doubting that God can overcome?

I knew we were discouraged and frustrated. I didn't realize how beaten up we had been along the way. I didn't realize how much we had succumbed and lost hope.

As we listened to the sermon, all I could hear was - have you forgotten who you are, and who it IS that's with you?

We both received a nice shaking, and could feel the reason and confidence that we had somehow lost, returning.

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