Sunday, September 03, 2006

The root of it all - for me

Thoroughly enjoyed church today. The sermon was about Abraham leaving the land of his fathers and inheritance and stepping out in faith. That's the amazing thing about this new place. Everytime we've been to service there, and our visits were scattered and few between while we were deciding what to do, the word that we received was so very timely.

As always, we left feeling fed. It was obvious the girls had had a good time and had learned something. Today I asked girlie 1 what she had learned. So she sang "Read your Bible, Pray every day", told me about the cute boy and the lion (once we straightened it out I figured out they had talked about David and Goliath - adorable) and almost as an afterthought she told me "oh, and I jumped for Jesus" with the cutest little grin that told me she thought that was pretty cool.

There's a potpourri of ministries to get involved with. I'm tempted to jump in head first. But am trying to be selective until we're settled in. And until we're sure we're sure. I am looking forward to talking with bishop. While knowing he's on his way is a bit unsettling, since we thought we had finally settled all this business, I'm also looking forward to it. I know that talking with him will bring an end, and hopefully not just another pause, in this saga.

My biggest concern about this all was hubby basically giving up his ministry that he had worked so hard for. He's been offered his own church in the past, and I'm sure that was in his future in our particular denomination. But this change for us is also a change in denomination. Rather huge. Neither of us are certain that he will be a pastor again with this move.

Ministry on the other hand we know we'll always be involved in. You don't need to be an evangelist to bring people to Christ and help make a diference in someone's life. The question is, whether if in his heart he desires to be a pastor.

Hubby has share with me his vision of a future congregation. It's something we've shared for a while. The uncertain part, or maybe it's just become uncertain recently, is whether that vision includes him being the senior pastor, or just a part of it in different ministry roles.

So there it is. Specifically what we need clarity on. But regardless, I know we need believe that whatever road we're on, ultimately if we have faith and give God control over our lives, that we will arrive at the point we were predestined to reach.

I just hope we're not taking any unnecessary detours.

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