Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today the girls had school pictures taken. So you of course know what happened? Yes. My dear Girlie 2, ran right into a doorknob last night and has a dent and bruise on her forehead. We went ahead and took them for pictures, although not as originally planned. It was a much more casual event.

So, the scary part? About 15 -20 minutes after the collision and subsequent icing of the goose egg on the forehead, Girlie 2 started throwing up - yep, a sign of a concussion. This morning she wasn't looking too good and threw up again, so we took her into the ER. Yessir, my 2 year old has a concussion.

These are the times I really want to be a SAHM again. Between cleaning up messes, comforting a little one that isn't feeling well, and trying to get WORK done - well, I'm just pooped!

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  1. aw,hon. I'm sorry, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Poor little girl.