Monday, February 05, 2007

To Disney or not to Disney

That is the question on our minds right now. Hubby and I have debated about when the perfect time to go to Disney would be for our little flowers. They are respectively 4 and 3(almost!). I know they are a bit young, but I think Girlie 1 would think it's the most, and Girlie 2 would enjoy it too.

Of course I know that in a few more years, they would will just go ga-ga over the castle etc etc, but the truth is - I need a vacation, in a warm climate. And seeing as a caribbean island vacation will likely not be happening anytime soon in the next decade, I figure Disney is my chance!! Plus I have family right in Orlando - my very best friend/cousin/maid of honor - who just had her first baby this past year and is already brewing # 2!!

I've been pricing out different locations - and wow, traveling with 4 definitely costs more than 2. I am SO GLAD, hubby and I did lots of traveling before the kids - 'cause wow was it ever a steal when it was just the two of us.

But the cutest thing ever was when Girlie 1 saw a Disney commercial recently and, in awe, turns to me and said: "Mom, what IS that place?? Can I go there?" As if it were the best place EVER - it was adorable!

Even funnier was when she saw a second commerical with a mom and daughter and the mom turns into a kid. She tells me - MOM, you can be a kid like me there!

She didn't like the looks of the roller coasters though. She then told me - Mom, I want to wait until I'm a big girl to go there. But MOM, I want to go there still okay. But when I'm a big girl. Alright?

I can't stand it - she's a hoot!


  1. Disney World would be a huge undertaking with two little girls that age.There would also be may things they wouldn't be able to do because of height requirements and because they would just be too scared.

    Even normal little things like the Muppets 3D show is frightening to kids. Peter and Tink refused some of the shows even at their age. In Honey I Shrunk the Audience the machine in the movie multiplies the mice. Its 3D and they're looking all over for all the mice and about that time something comes out from your seat and brushes your legs. It really is frightening. Show after show is like that.

    Also kids your age would get nothing out of Epcot. It just isnt geared to children.

    Do you know what I would do if I had two little ones that age? Id take them to Disney Land instead of Disney World.

    Disney Land is much more manageable, far less walking, and you would get more for your money with kids that young.

    Disney World sits on 52 acres! Its massive. I really really recommend you go to the smaller more child friendly Disney Land first. But then thats only my humble opinion. :)

  2. Mrs. D,

    Thanks for the pointers. I didn't even think about the walking! Now that they're beyond stroller age - I can't imagine carrying them around. Especially not through the miles of parking lots.

    I figured they'd be too young for the shows ( I remember the honey I shrunk the kids show freaking me out a bit! - and I was like 27 :) But I thought they'd really like the Magic Kingdom.

    Hubby is pushing for a waterpark resort right in state. He may actually win this one.