Friday, June 29, 2007

Forever and A Day

And the months go by! Yes, I'm still here and have horribly neglected this little blog.

All the happenings of Girlie 1 and Girlie 2 that I've neglected to document here these past months.

It all started with an audit at work that wouldn't stop. Well this week I was finally able to put it to bed. There were some rough moments in there, but thanks be to God, I can see the light of day again.

Toward the end, hubby, girlies and I were able to escape to a lovely resort and the girls went ga-ga over the massive indoor and outdoor waterparks.

Girlie 1 practically turned into a fish, we could not pull her away from the pool and the high slides she managed to muster up the bravery to slide down on her own.

It is unbelievable how much she's stretched over the past few months. Gone is all the toddler chubbiness, and the preschool fits. She is officially the WHY-girl and ready for Kindergarden. We can't ride to the grocery store without an endless attack of the WHY this and WHY that. And apparently I don't know enough answers to satisfy her. Yes, she told me so. "Mom, you need to know ALL the answers." So much for being honest with this one, but surely the girl stumps me sometimes. I truly have no answers for the why's of some of the practices of humanity. I mean, that's just the way it is.

Of course her first concern was that she needed money to go to school (mind you, she has no idea about the concept of money- or so I thought??). I asked her why she thought she needed money to go to school, and she tells me ' "Mom, I need to get a backpack! So I can carry my books, and necklaces, my lipstick and bracelets." Oh boy!

Girlie 2, on the other hand has become extremely sensitve, clingly - oh, at a hearty 40 minus 2 lbs wants dear daddy to carry her everywhere. (My daddy tells me that I was the same - OF COURSE!) Poor daddy's arms are sore, but he's developing some big muscles! :) But we'll take it. Soon enough she'll be off and we'll long for those moments when she needs to hold mommy's hand, just because.

Girlie 2 came along to Girlie 1's kindergarden orientation. I think it was tough on Girlie 2, first being separated from Girlie 1, while she spent time with her new teacher and class - all on her own. And basically because this is the first time Girlie 1 is doing something that's all her own.

Poor Girlie 2, the tragedy of being so close in age to your dear sister and experiencing the change as Girlie 1 steps out without Girlie 2 at her side.

GOOD NEWS! They've agreed to let me cut back on work hours. So next week officially begins more time at home with the girlies to enjoy the summer. And once Fall comes around, I'll be able to drop off and pick up Girlie 1 from school, be there for the homework help - and YES!! actually have a homecooked dinner for my little pixies each night (hubby is exited about that one too ) - should be a nice relief to the pocketbook.

Exciting times. Glad to be back ! :)

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