Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not the TOOTH FAIRY!!!!

Two stories here, I just have to share.

1. So my DD (age 6) lost her first upper tooth. She looks adorable. And talks like "thith" now. Like I said ADORABLE. So mommy has a cold and asked dear old dad to make sure the tooth fairy came last night.

Well of course DH forgets, so DD is so sad this morning because the tooth fairy dissed her! It can break a momma's heart - so I enter into this elaborate tale about how she DD came to our bed last night, so the tooth fairy must have come by and thought there was a mistake because there was no little girl in that bed, so she didn't check for the tooth and I'm sure she'll come tomorrow (cue: give DH the look of flying daggers).

2. At which point DD tells me she was afraid to sleep in her room last night. Surprising, since she's slept in her room on her own for quite some time now. So then she asks - how big IS the tooth fairy? And how does she get into our house at night?

!!!! OMG, she is afraid that this huge creepy fairy is going to sneak into her room and freak her out!

Enter into elaborate lie #2 where I tell her that the tooth fairy is like Tinkerbell except much smaller and can't fly faster than we can see. Well no - I've never seen her. Nobody has since she's so very small and so very fast.

But, momma, if she's so small - how can she carry the money?


Ummm - magic?

She then gave me the look.

yup - mommy's a big liar and she let's huge hairy fairy's into the house to sneak into your room at night, who diss you anyway.

IN OTHER NEWS, baby broke his first tooth yesterday. Awww... it's about time, almost 10 months old!!

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