Saturday, March 29, 2008

Special Categories

I didn't know that adding a third child qualified us for the "bunch of kids" group. Adding one more child to our idealic & quaint family of four made us a "whopping" family of five and suddenly merits us for comments such as - who will babysit, ALL those kids?, or when you have A LOT OF KIDS. .....

Goodness! Who knew adding such a little boy could move us so monumentally into another category.

I was able to escape to my women's retreat last weekend, where I found I was suddenly in this super secret society of women who are in the "boy's club". I knew I was surprisingly enamoured with my baby boy. But that other mom's of my group had this special place in their hearts for the bond they had with their boys as well - well I never knew. It is so much different than with the girlies. And while I love them and understand them, I think better than their daddy, I understand their special bond with their dad and always knew it would be that way. But no one had ever shared with me the special bond between a mother and son. Maybe because mom's don't like to disclose anything that would sound like favortism, or maybe because sons don't really talk about it out loud. But it's an interesting discovery.

I remember hearing a song once that I thought was a romantic love song. But in listening to the words I realized that the guy was singing to his mother! I was shocked - please, I thought, what is with THIS guy?? My husband treats his mom with special consideration too - and while I never heard him croon about her in song - I know he shows her an affection that not all of his siblings do. He's a good guy, and I've never questioned that I'm the love of his life and he would absolutely choose me if ever he had to choose, but I know there's something special there - something I guess I love him for. Respect and love for your mother is always a good quality, while I will admit that a few mother-son relationships I've observed in my life have disturbed me a bit.

My point(s) being - I never knew I wanted a son until I had one. I think every woman would be blessed to have a son. Having a son opens your eyes to your husbands relationship with his mother.

And did I mention, I love having a little boy to cuddle? :)

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