Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

After a few false starts, and a few 70 degree days in November (!), the cold winds have blown in. Running a few errands with a 6 and 4 year old, with a 10 month old on my hip, has taken on a whole new level of challenging.

So forgive me if I tell you that we cut our errand trip short, Mommy treated herself to a book buy, and we ran back home for an evening watching Ratatouille, and munching on fried chicken, bread and cheese. Yum.

But then back to my book. I could barely store away the groceries when I picked it up to delve into the first chapter. I am loving Sam's Club and the lovely low price they had on a book I've been waiting to read - Home to Holly Springs a la Jan Karon.

I jumped on the wagon years late after eyeing her first book at rummage sales across town. But I quickly caught up. pillaging every second hand store and yes, even WalM*art when desperate until after only a year, I had read through every last volume.

After a summer of selling a house and an autumn of getting settled in a new one, its so delicious to read a fiction book again. Stealing moments here and there, between "Mommy's?!", dirty dishes, laundry and my apparent career as a short order cook, the read is welcome.

What is better than curling up on the couch in your flannel PJ's, warm knit sweater, and a good book on a blustery and cold day.

All I need is the large and lovely sectional that we are expecting this week, and then the kiddos cold feet and squabbling over who's taking up more room on mommy's old college days plaid love seat - which was perfect when it was just me and hubby- will be a distant memory.

It is so lovely. Dark and leathery with a chaise on the end, just asking for lovely cozy throws. Something I've wanted for years and years and finally had an excuse to splurge on. Thank goodness for buy now and pay later deals. Believe me when I say it will contribute greatly to my keeping insanity at bay and the improving family contentment. Whoever had such high hopes for a piece of furniture?! :)


  1. HI there! Thanks for your message on my post. To answer your question, I use several different devotional books. If you do not have the Jesus Story Book Bible I recommend starting with that one.

    Good luck with your furniture!

  2. I'm continuing to laugh as I discover more similarities. My kids are 11, 9, and 6, just about the same age differences as yours.

    And Jan Karon? Loved her books!