Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Story Check

*Girlie1 wore a "Jesus loves me" snowman necklace to school. When she told her friends what it said, and they replied, "Who's Jesus?" She exlaimed: "Don't you know Jesus you lives in heaven and loves you? Christmas IS his birthay.", as she pointed up high in the sky.
Way to testify girl. Preach it to them!
*Baby Boy is now walking holding out his hands, as if he's driving a car, to balance. As with all things, there's no tentative steps, he just goes out of the gates like a thorough bred in the Kentucky derby.
*Girlie2 is as usual, salt and light, sweet as can be and stubborn as ever. She currently has a bad case of antsinthepants, and cannot sit without bouncing, or simply walk accross a room - she must skip or hop.

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