Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boo hoo back to work

Strange but true I head back to work tomorrow. I actually woke up today thinking about all the lovely year-end work I get to do over the next few days and weeks to transition from one year to the next. If only I could fast forward through it all. I can feel the ball of anxiety growing in my stomach already,

Each new year is always a mix of dread and excitement for me. Like most anyone else I think of fresh starts, making changes and getting things right. But that also means a lot a work and getting started again and well - frankly, I remember how exhausting the last round was.

But tonight I am still marveling at the smiles on the kiddos faces after a full week of attention from both mom and dad. Am loving the snow tonight and the fire burning, hot chocolate and leftovers, kids playing with brand new toys in their brand new pj's. I can hear their giggles and squeals. Hold on a moment while I pause to create a permanent memory of christmas time this year.


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