Monday, April 20, 2009

God is Good....all the time

This is the current quote of a childhood friend of mine. He has it at the end of each email, he tosses it out on facebook every so often. It is his default. It's contagious, and blesses more people than he knows.

Daily I talk to people who have lost their jobs. Friends, acquaintances, family. It's tough when this happens to one person you know and you find yourself trying to encourage, be positive and sympathetic. But multiply it, and daily...well, I'm sure there are lots of you out there who are experiencing this and it just plain hard.

Take today alone - two people I know. One really worries me because her husband has been out of work for a few months now, they have little bitty ones - 4 to be exact, and they were also helping to support his mom. Now what?

The second, well her hubby is at a company that's struggling, and hers was the "steady" job, that she REALLY really enjoyed by the way.

You can't help but read an article or watch the news to hear one heart breaking story after another. Stories of great difficulty and need.

God have mercy. Christ HAVE mercy!

But in the ashes that is the hurt, the difficulty the uncertainty, there is also resilience. A light that still burns in the hearts of those that trust that God will get them through this all....that the end of these tough times will come and will be better than when it all began - Ecc 7:8.

They leave me in awe. They shame and humble me completely. Each day through their adversity, their hope and strength they scream to us all: God is Good, all the time, ALL THE TIME.

Amen. amen...

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