Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Did I mention?

The boy can walk backwards. I thought I heard somewhere that not all kids can do this at a very early age. He must be a genius.

He dances in a circle when I pick him up from preschool and showers me with kisses.

He yells..whoa, whoa, WHOA..as he crashes into his toy box with his tonka truck ..at full speed... every time which is at least 20...every day.

His first words so far are..mama, daddy, taco(??), goverder(Go over there), hi and bye. Yeah, in that order...totally logical.

He rides his sisters three wheeler - its pink and purple - much to his daddy's dismay. Apparently we MUST buy him a boy bike immediately.

He's fallen off the deck, just once, so far. *sigh* That did not, btw, stop him from trying to step off it again....is that a boy thng?

The girls like Junie B story times before bed, the boy rocks a jam session with his playschool boom box, electric guitar and drum, bopping his head very serious before starting the jam (so adorable)..and his ever loving mommy in the audience. He's a one man band. Boy's got feeling.

Did I mention there is a little bit of bias when it comes to all things between a mommy and her boy....yes mom, now I get it. You win.

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