Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're old

We were watching Pride and Prejudice the other night, my absolute fav movie. And while enjoying one of the dancing scenes, my 6 year old turned to me and said, "Is that how they use to dance a long time ago, like in the 70's or 80's?"


I just about spit out my diet coke. How hilarious is that?

A few weeks ago I turned 34 (gulp!), which isn't THAT old I know. But considering the health issues I've had recently and that no man zone I seem to hit after going through challenges to my system, well it is forefront on my mind.

I so did not appreciate my 20's, but who does really, when your body is neither in that growing phase and not yet crested that hill to full on aging. But then your 30's are definitely a time of new confidences, security and overall sense of well-being.

So doesn't it seem uncertainly cruel that its also when we start facing grey hairs, dry skin, hormonal imbalances, loss of disposable organs, irregular test results, and the constant teetering that goes on over our kids safety and development?

Wow - okay maybe it's just me and I just needed to vent. But as my crowd creeps further into its mid-thirties, it just seems like the theme.

So its likely just obvious that I'm in that desert where I'm not down and out in my sickness anymore, but I'm not completely well even though I FEEL like I am, and so all the aftershock health issues are still ongoing and haven't quite turned around. And I am NOT dealing with it all very well. Let's just say that my imagination is overactive. Yes people, I'm an anxious worrier - and I know, I know - need to go back to my verses on not worrying.

But if you read my blog you know I never have claimed patience to be a virtue. However, apparently, God really thinks its important for me to take it on.

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