Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome Summer!

School's out, scream & shout- its summer vacation. The emotion, the drama, the tears?? There were a lot of tears at the bus stop this PM, and I hear it was just as emotional at school. Apparently these grade schoolers cannot bear to not see each other 7 hrs every day, and are so remorse that they will have to spend more time at home with their parents! *sigh* 6 year old angst.

Thankfully, Girlie 1 was very excited about the last day of school, and so was very excited that Girlie 2, the Boy and I were all at the bus stop to greet her with balloons. Girlie 2 and I worked on a sign to greet our school ager - which she thought was fabulous.

We had blown up a whole bag of balloons which we just scattered around the house. They were also a big hit with the Boy.

Funfetti cupcakes, a gorgeous day, a fun lunch and Girlie 1's choice for dinner plus a Barbie movie for a non-Friday movie night, and this day is officially a celebration day.

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