Sunday, January 03, 2010

Its a new day

It is a new day. A new decade. Alll things old are passed. There is hope on the horizon. It's breathtaking. A fresh start. Shaking off the dust of regret and disappointment, frustration and dissatisfaction - I look with anticipation to the adventure that's ahead.

The sun is shining - its frigid outside - but the sky is blue, and the wind is still. Peace.

Believing for what is to come, through we don't yet see it. Claiming a vision for a victorious future, focusing, fasting and going forward. God's divinity and providence, be our guide. He has directed us all this time. Making our paths straight when we're distracted by detours, he has never failed us, and never will.

All things have been made new again. I am amazed.

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