Saturday, November 06, 2010


" Every morning we're credited with 86,400 seconds and every night we lose all that wasn't invested in good purposes" - Unknown

Time is flying! Again the time that has passed since my last post, is too long! My desire is to keep up this little blog, it's therapeutic for me and such an asset to be able to go back and see where I've been, how I've changed, grown or regressed!

The littles are growing so fast. I realize, as most parents do, that I have failed to chronicle my 3rd child's adventures, and he has many!

But mostly I've come to realize through past 'bouts of regret, anxiety, and the bermuda triangle of "what if's", that each day is a new day, an opportunity to do it better, to get it right. I've come to the peace of the knowledge that each day is immensively valuable in its own right.

Having been consumed for so long with the destination, I thank God that he has brought me to the place where I am enjoying the journey. That's not to say that I don't still glance out on my calendar. I am a Martha by nature. I am a planner, and now with the children, well I even have evolved into a color coded calendar mom. See how control and tasks are so important to me?

But God has blessed me with the awareness of his Grace. So beautiful. So loving. And through this awareness I am blessed with a deeper understanding and fuller relationship with him. In this place my mind is at peace, my heart is content and open to love and invest in others, in particular my family and church.

I am able to serve, care, accept and love others, because I myself am confident in these things with my God. Abiding in Him, time just seems to move slower, is richer, and its value even greater and precious to savor.

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