Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleanse on the Brain

Over Christmas I indulged in some very rich foods.  So much so that I literally had food hang over Christmas morning and went crawling back to my fruits, salads and legumes by Christmas afternoon.  When you work hard to eat clean and natural, going back to fats and sugars is overload to the system.

A big plus over the holidays is that I heard so many compliments about how I was looking.  While I haven't really lost more weight in the last few months, I have been working out at least 3 times a week.  Elliptical sessions, Zumba, Piloxing, and more recently I've tried a couple of sessions of Insanity - yes, it is insane!  So I guess its making a difference.

I am notorious for being the anti-new year's resolution-er. Even if I make one, I tend to sabotage myself. But for the first time, I am in pro-health mode at the right time of the year! So fueled by compliments, and a trip to the mall today and finding so many cute outfits that fit well (but not quite great yet), AND a pending Florida trip planned this year - I would love to be down about 10-15lbs by spring and overall just be a leaner, meaner, stronger body! I would also like to become a runner! But at my current weight it is torture to my knees and hips, so I need to lose those "lbs" first, preferably before springtime!

So I have a cleanse on the brain.  Just flushing out some of my indulgences and priming for getting in better physical and internal shape for better health!

So wondering what to do yourself?  Here are a few I've either tried and had success with in the past, or some that I have heard good reviews on and plan on reading up on, watching documentaries or trying in the next year:
    • Eat to Live  - If you're serious about changing the way you eat, and want to feel GREAT, read this book!  It changed the way I eat and the foods you find in my pantry.  I go back to this book frequently when I need a refresher on good eating and the why's behind it.

    • Crazy Sexy Diet - I follow Kris Carr's website.  Her story is amazing! It's such a testament on how much influence we have on our own health! The fuel that we place in our body on a daily basis really does make a difference.  I found her story inspiring when I was being bounced between doctors who just didn't have the time or just didn't have the answers for ongoing health issues I was having.  I have yet to read the book, and beware I have heard she has a bit of a potty mouth in it,  but I would like to give it a read and try the cleanse she follows herself.

    • 21 Day Vegan Kickstart - If you're ready to try veganism, why not start the new year with the Kickstart?!  I love this site and have done this kickstart a few times.  You get daily emails with motivational message and recipe ideas - and they are super easy and soo yummy.  Lots of Daniel Fasters find this site helpful as well.  My carnivorous hubby has even done this with me, and he LIKED IT!  The next kickstart begins January 2nd, sign up today!

    • Fat Sick and Nearly Dead - Feel that way some days?  This is a documentary by Australian Joe Cross who decided to try a juice fast to change the direction of his health and lost lots of weight in the process. He goes on to help others, and the transformations are incredible.  If you've heard of juicing or are just curious, watch this!  Ready to reboot your life?  Go to the website to get started yourself.

    So what pro-health plans to you have for the new year?  Any other inspiring reads, documentaries or plans you've followed that have worked for you?

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