Thursday, January 26, 2012

The truth about transitions

Transitions sound glamorous, exciting, and adventurous. They mark the end of a season, and signal the start of something new. Transitions are often periods of great revelation, renewing and restoration.

But a transition at its foundation is also a time of deep renovation. Its when something new is built on something that once served sometimes an entirely different purpose. To that end, a transition can be a painstaking process.

It would be easier to start with a clean slate, an empty lot or untouched piece of land. Transitioning a building, a person, a place from what was to what will be is a labor of love, the project littered with challenges, delays and unanticipated detours.

Yet God's plans are weaved into existing structures - people.



He is the architect and is intimately familiar with the original blueprint. His eye sees past the damaged parts to the potential at the core of His creation. He sees us as we truly are and as we were created to be.

Constructed not only for function, but to be the foundation of a beautiful masterpiece that would unfold over time with glorious and awe-inspiring expansions, each historical structure is priceless in the Master's eyes. And although time, pollution and storms have dulled the exterior; and although the interior has suffered exhausting wear and deep tears, He sees the value in its incomparable antiquing process. The great artist can appreciate the beauty in every scar and every flaw.

With loving hands He goes about the delicate process of restoration. With a firm and steady hand, critical eye and merciful patience, He carefully wipes away the grime. Pulling away the layers of damaged parts, analyzing each crack and every broken part, He approves the structural integrity.

All this is happening for our good in times of transition, while we wait. Impatiently we want to go about the next leg of our journey. We fidget and sigh like little children, asking 'Are we there yet?, Can we go now?' We toss and pull away from Him, anxious.

Yet for our good He pulls us close again and again as He continues His good work in us. Recalibrating, adjusting, pressing, dismantling once again until He is certain that we are ready for the next stage of His plan.

"He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake." Psalm 23:3

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