Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Echoes

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris Bueller

Because people are writing or sharing clever, interesting, inspiring images and words every day, here are a few echoes from this week that have influenced me.   This week's echo?  Share your life story.
  • As seen on a facebook share:

  - Source Unknown
  • This week marked the start of the Just One Conference !  There are amazing leadership women speaking such as Kay Warren and Jenni Catron.  One of my favorite points of reflection came from Heather Palacios, Executive Pastor’s Wife at Church by the Glades:  There is incredible power in your own personal story if you are willing to transparently share it.  Will embarrassment stop me or will faith propel me? 

I absolutely ask myself that question each time I sit down and write.  There are times that I read my blog and think - do I really want to hit that publish button?  Now, do I tell my friends to read this blog???  Hmmm..

There's still time to jump on board.  The Just One Conference is going on over the next three weeks.

  • Great post for reflection from Carlos Whittaker. Be Brave and Stand, though technically not from this week, was new to me this week. Absolutely love his style of laying out some simple, but deep, in your face, kick you in the pants, posts.    Favorite line:  "Resolve doesn’t come from an easy life."  As I read this blog, I wanted to continue - be brave, stand, then share your story!  What so many people cloak as  hardship and failure and carry as shame, is really a story of resolve, survival and inspiration!  We all want to know we are not alone, and hearing your stories of difficult times, or moments when you had to start all over again, encourage all of us - we too can get through and overcome!

  • Steven Chaparro writes about The Power of Story.  Favorite line: "He has prepared words, chapters, and pictures for your future story that will cause you to shake your head in awe. They will read of faith, hope, and love. "  So true!  Your life is a great novel!  If you read back over your life like a book - think about all the small but amazing pieces that make up your story.  Foreshadows of things to come.  The gradual build to each climax.  Beautiful.

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