Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flashback: A little ditty on love

I've been reading Craig Groeschel's book WEIRD: Because Normal Isn't Working .  In it he has a chapter titled Love is ...Weird.  It reminded me of a post last year, where I described love as being beautifully Strange.

So often when we talk about Love we aren't thinking about how we can love others, but how we can be loved.  How will I know that someone else really loves me?

And so we begin to imagine how our Dream Love will be one day.  The things he'll do and say.  The gifts he'll bring me on Valentines day.  The flowers I'll receive on just random days.  How he'll just know when I need something and of course say the perfect thing that will make it all better.  And if any of these are ever missing, well then I'll know it isn't true love. 


I challenge you today:  Decide to change how you define Love. 
  • Assume first that love isn't a noun, as in something to be received. 
  • Assume now that it's a verb, something that requires action on your part. 
  • And finally assume that that person you love will never deserve it or earn it.

Decide you will love your someone just because you can.  You are capable of giving a precious gift, over and over again. 

That's right, you ARE equipped to love how HE loves us.

Without condition.

It's so much better that way.


You know that warm happiness you feel when you give someone a gift?  You know, the one that had you smiling ear to ear all day long?  Remember how great that feels?

Yeah.  You can feel that way ALL the time.


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