Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Journey

My city was beautiful.  The people knew my name.  And I loved them.  I had poured into them, and the comforts of familiar places and faces, good friends and well known streets blessed me each and every day.  It was no easy decision to leave it all behind.

Confident that you would return me to this place, of love and confidence, purpose and grace, the place you intended for me, I agreed to join you on the journey. I charged forward sure that I knew the way, certain I could find our destination.

So eager.  So confident.  So naive.

I failed to let You lead the way.  I saw the city lights and I thought, this must be the place! And I began to settle in, and make myself at home.  But the journey had only begun.  You had many more sights to show me, so many experiences in store for me and lessons that I needed to learn.  Though it seemed like we had arrived.  You told me to pick up, and it was time to go.

How I struggled.  How could I have been wrong?  I tried to tell myself that it wasn't your voice telling me to move on.  The voice was only a whisper.  Would you whisper about something you wanted me to do?  So you spoke a little louder.  Then I heard you again, so I conceded, and we journeyed on.

But oh me! Oh silly me!  I couldn't help but turn for one last look back, and in that small act the root of doubt was planted.  The further we journeyed, the more precious the distancing light of the city became.  Lord, I protested, we could be happy there!  The people were so good, and there was so much to be done!

My daughter, he replied, this place was only your shelter, designed to protect you and comfort you, to give you time to heal and be restored.  For you were broken, scarred so deeply that you would not have been able to complete the journey to the place I have prepared for you.

Did you hear me when I asked you not to plant yourself too deep?  Did I not tell you that this was not your place?  I would spare you the pain of separation if it were not necessary.

My daughter, this path is long, and you will be challenged, pressed and tested.  It will require you to mature in understanding and grow in wisdom.  Will you trust me?  Lean in, for the point of our journey is this, that you may know Me.  

For in your future you will need to know Me well if I am to increase your territory.  You cannot bear it alone.  My child I want you to be certain.  When I speak, that you may know my voice.  When I draw near, you are aware of my presence.  When you are weak, you feel my strength.  And when the walls of the city I have prepared for you grow mightier each day, you will not be overwhelmed, but know.

I am with you.
I am always with you.
I am.

Beneath the bright starts of the crisp dark night, I noticed the moon rising into the sky.  Full and bright it smiled on me. The comfort of His Holy Spirit illuminated the path before me.  And though I was no where and there was no one as far as my eyes could see, I felt I was home.

For my loving Father was with me.  His Truth satisfied me.  I was content in the knowledge of his never ending persistence in my life for good.

Satisfied, I pressed on toward his plan for me, walking on the moon bathed path He had prepared especially for me. And with each step I was increasingly aware of His Presence, I felt the substance of His quiet strength as He walked beside me, and each moment was filled with the comfort of His voice softly speaking to me as we journeyed on.

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