Tuesday, May 08, 2012


One of the greater lessons I learn about God through my children is faithfulness.  In belief, they haven’t learned to be critical and skeptical.  The most humbling and generous gift my children give me is their belief in me. 

In a time in which life moves fast, media and social outlets are at an all time high, and everyone seems to be seeking fame, we tend to compare ourselves to others, and wonder why are talents  and lives don’t seem to measure up to the next persons.   Insecurity, seeking definition and validation through careers, church groups, friendships, and positions can be disheartening and disappointing. 

But my children hold the greatest vision for my life.  They truly believe I can do everything.  I AM supermom.  They believe that I hold all knowledge, they believe I make a difference each day when I go out to work, and they believe that I can make everything alright.  To them I am THE chef, nurse, teacher, doctor, inventor, counselor, playmate, artist, banker, CEO, referee, judge. 

Their belief comes from knowing the God who never fails.  For where else would they acquire such confidence in the one who cares for them?  What reasoning?!  They trust God.  And because they trust him, their reasoning says that if he cares for them, and he left them in my care, then I must be capable. 
What a tall order! Yet my children’s belief makes me stand taller and strive to meet those expectations. What’s more, God believes the same things for me.  Sometimes I think he sent them, all three, because I needed to be reminded of his plans and purposes for my life.  

God is confident in me.  When he gave me these little ones, it was because He believed I was the best candidate for the job.   I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13 tells me this truth. 

He has a plan for my life, to prosper and bless everything I place my hand to with determination and prayer.  Just as he had to repeatedly tell his people through his prophets in the Old Testament “remember”,  He has sent me three little enlightened souls to remind me who I am in His eyes.

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