Wednesday, May 09, 2012


You might be thinking after these last few days that I have it all together as a mom.  Let’s set the record straight right now. I DON’T.  In fact I’m always so very grateful when an experienced Titus 2 woman offers me words of wisdom and encourage.

I make mistakes.  Lots of them.  I fail my children daily just as the prayer of contrition states, “In actions or words, in what I do or forget to do!” I lose my temper and even raise my voice, more than I care to admit. 
And when I do, my kids don’t hold it against me.  Two minutes later they have forgiven and forgotten and are gracing me with their smiles and hugs.  In forgiveness, it does not occur to my children to hold a grudge.  


When I do give them my undivided attention for a game of tag in the park, to snuggle down and read a book, or bake cookies with them, the look in their eyes is not one of reservation or entitlement, but of complete gratefulness and joy. They don’t remind me about how I have failed them, but rejoice with me when I get it right.

My kids don’t always get it right either.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times my children bicker in a day.  And when it becomes an all out tussle, I become referee sending them to their respective corners.  And, yes, I have even told them, no more playing with each other today!  Only to find about 10 minutes later that they have snuck their way over to each other and are tangled together reading a book and giggling beyond measure, completely content in the company of their antagonist.  Forgiven.

I can't count the number of times I go to God with these same antagonizing complaints.  I’m sure I have ranted or raved,  accused and shouted, and yet when I go to Him next, he doesn’t turn me away, but welcomes me with open arms, out of complete gratefulness and joy that I am seeking His company.  Forgiven.

I know that I have sinned daily.  I have ignored, denied and insulted him regularly.  Yet when I seek Him I never question that I am forgiven.  

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