Sunday, May 06, 2012


There are few places where we can see the true essence of God.  In the still beauty of a natural harbor bathed in sunlight as the cool morning fog rolls over the landscape is breathtaking and His hand is evident. In the deafening silence of a thick blanket of fresh fallen snow highlighting each branch of a magnificent oak tree, His presence is tangible.  These are just moments where we can see the generosity of our Creator in His artistry.

Then there are the children.  Their pure souls are like glimmering light that breaks through the surface of each delicate countenance. So delicate and fragile, yet in contrast so strong and resilient, they are my greatest clue to God’s true nature and character. 
Fresh from heaven, babies still have the glow of being in His presence.  How enamored are we at the sight of a baby.  The miracle of life is still present, lingering in the air over the tiny bundle.  We are so content to just gaze on that precious child’s face, listen to Him breath and take in the sweet smell of newborn baby.  God’s presence lingers on them, over them, like a moth to a flame we can’t help but gather at the endearing coo of a baby to ooh and ahh over the tiny creation.

In Exodus we read that Moses had ascended up the mountain of Sinai to talk with God and upon descending we read that “his face was radiant” (34:29). His face had taken on a supernatural radiance.  It is this radiance that was the evidence to everyone who saw him, and to us reading the scripture, that He had experienced something beyond our imagination that had left a unique and definite imprint on him. He had seen something brilliant.  He had been in the presence of glory.
The scripture goes on to tell us that this radiance on Moses’ face grew dim and eventually disappeared altogether.  I don’t learn much about God reflecting on my self, my own thoughts, fallings or actions.  I am a poor reflection of the God who made me in his image.  In this life I have suffered scratches, dents, and my soul has become tarnished.   Although my God in His tender mercies is continuously renewing and restoring me from the inside out, my offenses continue daily.

Like the small child that seems to get into a dirt pile faster than you can blink, or the pile of laundry that reappears as large as the fresh batch you just set away, my efforts seem in vain.  I will never again be a pure reflection of the great I Am until I am face to face with Him again and His overwhelming holiness completely and finally washes me white as snow.
But I can get in His presence.   I Corinthians 3:13 tells us, “and we all who with unveiled faced contemplate the Lord’s glory are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord. “  Just like Moses in Exodus returned to go before the Father, and each time returned with the radiance of being in His presence, I can get close to it again. 

Gazing into the face of my little ones, loving on them as they display my God’s characteristics, in prayer that lifts me up and sustains me, in the blessed pages of the scriptures, He is there.  And each time I sit before God in this manner, His radiance begins to reflect not only in my face, but over my mind and heart.  I know it will fade, as I have not yet been perfected.  But my hope and peace is in knowing I can go before Him again, and again.
But the children, my children, are nearer to God in their innocence, in the purity of their souls.  My greatest desire is to protect, cherish, and let their precious souls maintain their unblemished state and radiant glow for as long as possible.  And this is not only for their sake but for mine.   Because I long to see Him, hear Him, to lean in and breath His presence, I cherish my little ones.  On this earth, at this time, the first breath of my little babies is the closest I will come to the very breath of God.   And I treasure it.

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