Saturday, May 05, 2012

Mother's Day Week

It's May!  I LOVE May.  In Wisconsin, it usually means sunny 70 degree weather (my definition of perfect), blooming flowers, green green everywhere, my BIRTHDAY! and Mother's day!!

Admitingly, mother's day has been a sore spot for me in the past. But with the arrival of my little ones, and some growing and learning on my part, it's become something I treasure once again.

I recently spent some time reflecting on the lessons God teaches us moms through our children.  This week, I will share some of that with you in a bit of a series, a first here!

But first I will start with remembering the past.  Follow the links to a few posts from years past about my mom who passed away at the age of 42 and who I miss every day, my grandma - amazing, amazing woman who I loved, loved!, and a few other realizations along the way.

If you only take a day, or a few hours, or even condense mother's day into a hallmark card, I encourage you to take a little time, enjoy it some more, or make it more enjoyable for a mom or grandmom in your life!

Me and the people that call me MOM :)

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