Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love. Without Condition

As I reflect on yesterday’s topic, it brings me to the greatest glimpse of God’s nature that I see in my children:  unconditional love.


Overshadowing all of the immeasurable gifts found in our children is the gift of unconditional love.  It is unmerited grace they haven’t fathomed to reject or withhold. 

True unconditional love is so rare.  When we find it as adults we want to bury it away, hide it and we eventually suffocate it in our desperate and feeble attempts to keep it for ourselves.

But not our little ones.  They hand it out to loved ones, acquaintances and strangers.  They even offer it to the mean and bitter!

They don’t consider the possibility of rejection. 
They don’t measure or analyze the possible return on investment. 
They don’t worry that they may give too much and not have any left for themselves.  

It flows from their generous souls just as when they still abided with God in heaven where it flows in abundance.

It makes me grateful, to know that there is a God in heaven who loves me unconditionally.  To know that he hopes for me, even when I am far from getting it right, gives me strength.
This knowledge encourages me to give love out more readily.   Not because someone deserves it or has earned it, especially where my family and friends are concerned, but just because I can. 

Because I am created from the same source my children were. 
Because once upon a time, I was in his presence where it flows like milk and honey
  and I have a hope to return there once again.

Because there are day that I get back into His presence,
and I am fully aware of and consumed by his love for me.
Because I know that His love does not end, and will not run out,
I can love knowing that my source for it is limitless.
How amazing is that? 

So I encourage you, if you have been holding back, for whatever reason, experience or hurt.

Take this treasure from your sweet little children and put it into practice. 
In fact, dig deep and find that glow from your own childhood.
Love like there is no end.
Love. Without condition.
It's a great gift.
The greatest actually.



  1. This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! It's so true - seeing my daughter love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. She is so compassionate too. Someone once asked me how I develop compassion in her. I told them I really just try not to quelch what she already has so deep within her. Our reactions (to hurry on, to ignore, to just let it be, etc) send a loud message to our kids.

  2. Hi Kelly.

    So well said. " I try not to quelch what she already has"

    So many times I am fully aware that its not always a matter of me teaching them, but cultivating what God already included in the package.

    Thanks for the comment!