Monday, October 18, 2004


We went to a wedding this weekend at the church I grew up in. There I was presented as a baby, baptized as a teenager and a whole lot of other firsts. There are a lot of memories in that church.

My husband and I were also married in that church. Now I've been to many weddings there in the last ten years since we were married. But there was something about that particular wedding - the decorations, the guests, the very young couple (who are very dear to us) that just took me back ten years to the day I was married.

I remembered what I thought as those great doors opened and my wedding song filled the room. I remembered how I just focused on my hubby to be all the way down the aisle. I can still remember the smiling and teary eyed faces that I saw as I made my way to the altar.

But most of all, I just remembered how happy and in love I was on that day. How I was so very confident in the hopes and dreams that filled my heart and mind and the plans we had for our future.

It's nice to remember and bring all those thoughts and feelings back to the surface again. Ten years later I have to say, things are going pretty much according to plan. Despite some difficulties and struggles, God in his grace has helped us along the path that we had chosen to follow - blessing us in ways we never even dreamed of on that day.

Isn't God good? :)

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