Monday, November 01, 2004

Budding Artist

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Okay, this definitely cheered me up this evening. Ms. Toddler was coloring and asked me to join her. She then made some scribbles on the blank part of the paper, not something she usually does. She'll sometimes ask me to draw things for her like stars, planes etc. But today she made some markings and said:"eyes, nose, mouth." I didn't think much of it.

Then she scribbled one small circle, a larger circle next to it and a squiggly line behind that and said "cat". I wasn't really paying attention to her scribbles. So she pointed to it, said "cat" again and started meowing.

She drew her first picture! I'm pretty sure this was her first real attempt to draw something so that I could recognize it and it did look like a cat! I added the details (feet, ears, and facial features) to it to complete the cat, praised her and she seemed very pleased.

When I looked back at her first scribbles, she had placed four scribbles on the page that were placed where two eyes, a nose and a mouth would be. Yep, she had drawn a face too. We'll call it abstract art;)

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