Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Turmoil we call Christmas

It'll exhaust you if you let it. We took a stand this year and stayed near home this year. It's new for us.

Christmas Eve started with a nice quiet dinner of my christmas speciality, red and white lasagna. And of course, our Happy Birthday Jesus, celebration. The girlies loved it. Then followed the evening church service and an even later get together at the home of a family hubby doctrined into the church. Wonderful family that has basically taken us in as one of their own. Two generations in one big gargantuan house. It was a nice evening, but we stayed too late and the girls hit that point of no return. You know it, right? When they're beyond tired and are in hyperdrive. They weren't horrible, just awake very very late. It was funny really.

Christmas morning the look on the girls faces was too beautiful for words. I had gotten up a little earlier than them to turn on all the christmas lights and put on some light christmas music. Then I sat in front of the tree for some reflection and to catch that first look on their faces when they walked into the room. So perfect.

My oldest couldn't open her presents fast enough. My youngest? Well she was satifisfied with the first gift she opened. Really, we couldn't get her to open anymore. I suppose that's because she's not even two yet. If only it were always that easy:) But her sister was more than happy to assist.

More church services, a call to grandpa (my dad), and an evening meal and present fest at the in-laws and I'd say we were sufficiently exhausted.

It's certainly a whirlwind, but there were enough quiet moments, that will be embedded in my memories forever to say it was a great christmas, and it's only begun.

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