Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snowed In & Frozen

A blizzard one day, and sub-zero temps the next. A blizzard is great, only from the comfort of your living room, in your flannel pj's, drinking hot chocolate with a good book or old movie. Not when trying to get to or from work, especially in Wisconsin.

Employers do not call off work for mere blizzards. It's Wisconsin! So we're left to decide for ourselves, when bad weather is too bad to risk.

The snow would be great - sledding, snowsuits, snowmen - if it wasn't followed by below zero temps and wind chills about -30! Yes, minus 30. So long great outdoors. No outdoor fun today. No way. Winter's still here. It's here to stay.

The house is creaking and cracking. You can hear the cold trying to creep in. It's attacking the roof, the windows, the walls - testing it, threatening the warmth inside. And a wicked wind whizzes past, blowing snow and carrying with it a fierce freeze.

Winter! Winter! Go away!

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