Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New on the bookshelf

Our books have arrived. New on the bookshelf are:

Creative Correction - Whelchel
Next Door Savior - Lucado
These High Green Hills - Karon
Breakfast w/ Jesus - Laurie
Battlefield of the Mind
Ragamuffin Gospel
The God Chasers - Tenney


In other news:

After yet another awful discussion, hubby surprised me and zipped on over Sunday to talk to the pastor of the church we've been frequenting on the side - without a word. !!! This could be the start of some exciting times.. prayers, prayers and more prayers.

AND THEN, hubby - extraordinarily - went shopping with the girlies for a VALENTINE gift for me! Perfume. Lovely perfume that I haven't worn since the babes came along. New lovely, girlie perfume! Very cool.

Girlie 2 is acting very Tenacious Two-ish lately *sigh* There goes my baby. We're actually planning a b-day bash for her - a two year old party is always interesting.

She is also in the habit of singing songs. It's so cute! Especially when we figure out what she's singing - in toddler-ese, of course.

Tonite, she and Girlie 1 made microphones out of their princess castle legos (used the tower tops for the tips - too funny) and gave me a concert. All them - they came in and lined up like they had practiced it and all. Priceless.

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