Monday, August 13, 2007


BTW - An announcement....

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Yes it's true. We will be "A 5 Family" as Girlie 1 puts it. She is so very excited. She's drawing diagrams of the baby's room and how we should set it up. She's making up lists in her head of all the equipment we need. And she's volunteered to change the baby's diaper! But I have to buy her gloves first - yes, also according to her.

She cracks me up, my little going to be 5 soon, girl. Oh, and she's announcing the news to the neighbors, family, friends, acquaintances, strangers at the grocery store - no secret here.

Girlie 2 on the other hand, isn't taking it so well. I suppose if you've been the baby your whole life, news of a NEW baby could be upsetting. When we told her, she gave us this mean look - like we had betrayed her, and proclaimed: "But I want to be the baby".

We have had to give her extra hugs, and quiet talks. She's not quite happy about it yet, but she's warming up to it. Although she has been a little - um agressive, stubborn, and well she cries whenever she doesn't get her way - and did I mention she's stubborn?

Yes, I think we'll be taking that little - so you're going to be a big sister - class they offer at the hospital. Oh, and extra, extra, extra time, talks, hugs and kisses for the big sister to be - and lots of prayers.

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