Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Definition- Sneaking around eating nuts

Used in a sentence: The squirrels are being snutty.

Courtesy of: Girlie 1

The squirrels have invaded our backyard. They're quite obnoxious too. They lounge, yes lounge, on our yard furniture and chew on their acorns. Even when we head out into the yard, they'll stay a few seconds too long, before they decide to lug their chubby behinds back into the tree or into the neighbor's yard.

We went pumpkin and apple picking this weekend w/friends. They're from Milwaukee so were shocked at the prices at the family owned apple farm that we like to take the girls to. They were practically shouting - only $2.50 for this pumpkin?! Do you know how much they charge in Milwaukee?? The hay ride is FREE??!! How much for the apples? - Honey go get some MORE!

Shhh!!! - silly city folks :) But it's true. We've been w/them to some of the overly commercial apple farms around Milwaukee. It's nearly robbery what they charge.

We got some nice pumpkin picks that I was going to set outside with fall decorations - but alas, the snutty squirrels will probably tear right into them and make a mess ala last autumn.

Snutty Squirrels!!

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