Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The countdown begins. In the next six weeks there will be activities and festivities galore. In the midst of it all, I will be trying to attack an accountants year end activities before the actual year end, do preliminary audit preparation - endure an internal control audit, update insurance policies, deal with... well I'll just stop before I overwhelm myself again.

I know I shouldn't be so vested, but yet I find myself staying later and later at work (either in office or at home). Something I thought I had learned my lesson on before.

And am I ever nesting! 'Cause did I mention at that end of these six weeks, we will be adding a family member! Which is exciting but unfortunately is another item on my impending to do/prepare for. Isn't that awful?

So no, I haven't started baby preparations, this pregnancy has been difficult and tiring, and Girlie 2 is old enough now that I am wondering - what were we thinking? Its fun, and yet a chore, the fact that we need to buy new baby clothes and equipment, since after two girlies, and the fact that everything is/was pink, worn out or given away 'cause I couldn't bear to have all of those clothes sitting unused! Plus I was paying it forward. A good friend of mine has supplied her girls hand me downs and toys. I thought I should do the same, and forfeit the 50 cents I might get for some of it in a garage sale.

So looking forward to 2008, when you know what - there will be nothing I can do to save the world, neither here or at work. I will have to succumb to days of baby cuddling and tending my little ones. There's the light..... let the countdown begin.

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