Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome Baby Boy

Its was a whirlwind holiday season, with the early arrival of Baby Boy smack dab in the middle of x-mas and the new year.

I think we all overdo things during the holidays, attending events, extra choir practices and programs at church, shopping, family traditions - but add being about 36 weeks pregnant in the mix - and well, what happens is sometimes little babies decide they want to join in on the fun.

Actually, I had gest. diabetes - that had to be treated w/insulin - this time around. And, as the doctor put it, my placenta was taking a beating and losing - so we had to evict the little guy. If nothing else, it just confirmed for us that we would be settling w/ 3 of the 4 we had planned on years and years ago. A family of five, we are now complete.

This was the longest labor I've had = about 12 hours total. Which I know some people would take in a heartbeat - but considering 3 hours was my longest w/ the girlies, I was beyond being done when that 12th hour arrived. I was doing alright (not great - I was in labor!) but baby boy wasn't and that had me and hubby worried.

Poor boy kept moving out of position - and when I finally delivered, we found out why - his cord was wrapped around his neck. Thank GOD that he was born naturally and okay. Toward the end I kept thinking I was not going to escape a dreaded c-section 'cause baby boy's heartrate kept dropping.

The first week home baby boy was jaundiced, so we also got a first experience with a bili-blanket. It was sad and humorous all at once - when we hooked him up he lit up like ET! And he was such a trooper - he bore it well, even when they poked his foot and drew vials of blood from his heal for 5 days straight - he didn't scream, just whimpered and bore it like the little man he is.

Thank heavens his color is better and he's up a pound! We are all enamoured w/him at the moment. Enjoying these early, sleepy days w/ the newborn.

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