Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time goes by...

Today marks Baby Boy's 6th week. And also the first night he's sleep through completely (6 hrs!!!!) I can't complain really. Although he does demand lots of attention during the day, hugs and holding, he has been a lovely little boy in the area of sleeping at night. 3-4 hrs is heavenly for a newborn, but to stretch to 5-6 hours - well what can you say about that.

It also means I have to go for my 6 week checkup tomorrow. (Ugh!)

It comes with lots of reflection, like the fact that we've survived the first 6 weeks with our third child. How that third child makes a huge difference to the routine we had established as a family, and how all things can be brand new again when you go from a household of girls and add a little boy.

Looking though some items this week, I ran across a picture of the girlies back when girlie 2 was only a few months old, and I can't believe how big they've grown, and I wonder - did I miss something? Will I forget all those precious moments of their teeny tiny tender years?

It reminds me to document all those little, seemingly insignificant firsts, temperments, comments and whatever else they may ask me about one day, that I will likely forget. Hubby and I often sit and talk late night during baby boy's feedings trying to recall if girlie 1 or girlie 2 did some of the things that baby boy does - and we're lucky if we do remember something.

It also makes me consider my health, my relationship with God, and assess where I'm at with the great gift his had the grace to grant me - motherhood - 3x!

I was reading Roman's 7 today, and if not always, now more than ever I find myself being hard on myself. I've made a lot of mistakes. Offenses I find unforgiveable when I consider these failings have been in the area of parenting my little little children.

These are the questions we all ask ourselves at one time or another. There's nothing like a new baby to consider it all again.

So I just want to remind myself - to love a little more, listen a little more, stop and smell the roses and study life a little more through the innocent eyes of my children. Don't forget that they are primere in life. A the other busyness is only that.... busyness - let it go. Don't forget to let it go.

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