Thursday, March 06, 2008

Baby boy update

Baby boy is growing so fast. A hearty 10.5 lbs now, he received his first shots last week. He also gave us a scare and started crying unconsolably a few hours later, his right leg was swollen and he spiked a temp that tylenol was not bringing down. So needless to say, his first urgent care visit at 8 weeks was made. Poor guy. Thank goodness I was still nursing - that finally settled him down. Of course, then he was all grins and coo's for the doctor. Typical of my kids :)

But yes, he's all grins and coo's now, and has this shy/flirty look away that he does. He's also trying to work the hands now. Bringing them to his mouth of course, and reaching for toys in his little jungle mat. He doesn't have it quite yet, but it's adorable to watch him try.

And also - thankfully - he's spending more time in his bouncer or floor mat - which has mommy doing a mad dash trying to catch up on the last two months of bills, church books and yikes - I have to get to those taxes soon! Especially since I'm at the end of maternity leave now, the hospital bills are becoming urgent, and yes we are definitely running low on the dinero.

If only someone would pay me to just be a mommy!


  1. Good for you! Im glad to hear you lost the weight!

    My granddaughter Tiger lily is 4 months and about ready for a walker. I cant wait to get her in one. I think shed have so much fun!

    Isnt it just amazing how fast babies grow?

  2. We are completely amazed. I cannot believe how fast our little guy is growing! Not to mention the girlie's - they sometimes seem older than they actually are! Sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself how young they really truly are, and at the same time I wonder when they got so big!