Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello New Year, Let us Hope and Pray

Not my will Lord, but thine will be done. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. Acknowledge the Lord in all thine ways and he shall direct your paths.

If anything is certain, it’s that times are uncertain.

Each new year comes with a new hope and anticipation. Our energies are renewed, what seemed hopeless now seems to be possible. I still think about B. O.'s acceptance speech. It was filled with inspiration and encouraged Americans everywhere that we have the power make change and improve our situation, with hard work. He reassured us that this situation that has spiraled out of control, is no larger than our collective hands. He has placed the responsibility back in our hands.

I’m not na├»ve enough to believe that no one will try to cast blame, or expect him to change the world single handedly. What I'd like to believe is that his speech made enough people consider that the responsibility to fix what is broken in our nation, in our city’s and communities, and maybe even our personal lives, belongs to each one of us.

As we enter the new year with renewed energy, hoping to lose that weight or improve our finances, deciding that this year we will spend more time with our families, or make a difference in our churches and communities, his words are fuel to a small inner ember that only needs a slight breath of encouragement to ignite into a flame that is contagious, and God help us, effective.

In prayer and anticipation.

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