Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wide world of prayer

Without going into too much, I work at a wonderful place that actually pays me to sit down and develop my faith alongside my co-workers.

We're currently discussing the importance of prayer in our faith walks. This of course is nothing new, but I was struck by a thought today as I was doing my reading for the discussion.

Prayer has no definition! Mind you - there are components and parts. But I cannot fit "PRAYER" into a box or an equation, into an hour or an explanation. No explanation would suffice to encompass the depth and breadth that is prayer.

So often we lament that we need to pray more, as if prayer doesn't naturally fit into our busy lives and schedules. But prayer is like the breath we take. We cannot live without it. We cannot be without it.

It's purpose is to bring us closer to God. It is being in and around God. It is to think, speak and feel God not only in the moments when we close our eyes, or hide away in our meditation corner or prayer closet. It is being in love with God. It is my heart bursting and yearning for more.

When our every thought, our every step, our every word is deliberately lived to get closer to Him, to know Him better, and to honor Him - without ceasing -there is prayer.

Ponder that.

And this:

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