Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sense and Cents

Summer here we come! With only a few days left in the school year, I've been busy with the kids schedules. Closing up the school year and prepping for summer. Getting sports, camps, and getaway schedules all in order.
With all the preparations, I'm looking ahead to what items we'll need to stock up on for the summer.
A chat with a rare local vegan friend has reminded me of what's what. I have been on the verge of loosing my food sense in the quest for saving cents. Saving in couponing can mostly be done when buying highly proessed pre-packaged foods. Not my idea of providing for the family.
With the warm months finally here, and farmer's markets shaking off the dust from their canopies, I'm reminded that the best way to save is to head out for some fresh, local produce. And honestly, nothing can beat the rock bottom price of in season produce. What a relief!
You can seriously lose your head when presented with free products! As consumers we vote with every dollar, and coupon, spent at the grocery store. I don't want to vote for companies who's only focus is the almighty dollar. I'm tired of Americans getting fed chemicals, preservatives, and JUNK! while european and asian countries are putting a stop to it in defense of their health and agricultural well being.
Some things are just worth the investment.

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