Thursday, April 12, 2012


The caterpillar is beautiful in its unique shade of green and it's stocky,stodgy body. In its thick sections it seems strong, in its slow pace, steady.

It is not much noticed or particularly memorable. It doesn't keep our attention long, as its movement is not remarkable and it literally blends into its surroundings. Distracted by a quick, darting hummingbird, or a skittish squirrel, we in fact forget all about him as he quietly inches away.

He may wonder what is to become of him. At a standstill, he is uncertain.  Everyone always remarked about the potential he had.  Why is it then that he felt headed toward an eminent snooze that might be the end of his unexceptional life?  They must have been mistaken.  His youth now gone, his future uncertain,  tt seems that opportunity has passed and he should concede into obscurity, and sink into a dormant state.

From the outside metamorphosis is a quiet event.  In it the caterpillar is immobile and seemingly inactive. But inside, metamorphosis initiates abruptly and that life experiences drastic change, development, growth and differentiation.

The same creative forces that initiated its life, are re-ignited in a literal act of re-creation.  What energy is released in this external womb to bring this body to full maturity.  Amazing! Amazing life is birthed in metamorphosis, bringing that being to a fullness of self, a fulfillment of purpose, a change so incredible, and full of promise, glory to God rises from it like a sweet fragrance.

In this rebirth, where this new life is sprouted, God's voice is clear and loud, "I have glorified my name, and I will glorify it again " Jn 12:28

If you are in a state of metamorphosis in your physical, spiritual or emotional life,  take heart.  Though the process can be difficult, confusing, painful and even devastating, soon you will spread your wings and find you have been renewed, made whole again, and better than before.

His promises are good.  His steadfastness and continuous love are unquestionable.

" A planted seed decays in the ground before sprouting new life, growing and bearing fruit." John 12:24

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