Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There's a stirring inside me. 
A burning desire.
A craving. 
It dares me to step out,
take a chance,
go on an adventure.

In it I long for what was.
The memories that glimmer,
they want to be retold.
They demand to be a part
of my future.

The adversities,
and stresses
and challenges
that traveled with them
fade away.

The pain dissolves.

It won't let me be.

A comfortable, safe existence.
It stands in the way.
It blocks my attempts
to exist with eyes closed.

I can hardly contain myself.
I can hardly sit still.
I want it.

The spring is flowing.
The waters babbling again.
The sunshine reflects
beautiful light off the surface.
The colors dazzle with promises of hope.

And a future.

I'm breathless with anticipation.



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