Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So my optimistic, and highly uncharacteristic, posts of late are likely a surprise. Well, if not to you, definitely to me. All of it is because we've been hearing the call....yes, that elusive and mysterious thing that until now was just this black hole, if you will, that we heard amazing preachers and teacher talk about but that was only this vague idea to us.

But God is consistent. He still speaks in a still small voice, that tugs and tugs until it's so overwhelming that not responding, standing up and shouting 'here I am Lord', seems unfathomable.

So here we go. Its inevitable. It's going to happen, despite the uncertainties. 'Cause failure at this point would be not at least giving it a go. And I say that with a smile.

So hubby and I dream and scheme each night after the kiddies are asleep. We come together to share all of the thoughts and sparks that have been accumulating in our heads throughout the day.

Tonight we listened to this. bob.blog: Why You Should Plant a Church... Audio: Good Stuff and WOW. We were literally checking off each point. Talk about affirmation and encouragement. Thanks Bob, it was like we were having coffee :)

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