Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reconciling a.k.a. working it out

Hello poor neglected little blog. I'm still here. So sorry I've left you all alone so long.

You see, we have this massive here and there dialogue that has consumed us. But you will be so happy to hear, or read, that we can see the light. It is definitely within reach, and it's a beautiful sight.

I've been meaning to tell you all about it. But I was at a loss for words. That's what being here and there does to you. You tend to lose your train of thought in mid-sentence.

But if you want a clue, take a look here, at Francis Chan explaining much better than I ever could, why he's walking away from something good, why he's leaving the comfortable and secure for a foggy future, full of risk, following only the voice of God into the unknown. Funny, I say "only" the voice of God as if that shouldn't be enough.

Sometimes something can be sad, heart-wrenching and difficult to reconcile, and also be equally exciting, promising and just GOOD. You can be absolutely sure of what you should do with doors flung open wide ahead of you, and still mourn for the closed doors behind. You can be fearless, and full of fear.

Chan articulates all of this, and though I wouldn't begin to compare our little world to his, it is completely parallel, and once again the echos of God's call in our ministry is all around us, and comes in the most unexpected places.

We're human. We're imperfect. And at the point where God can do something.

Thank you Lord.

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